UPK begins on Thursday, September 8. Drop off can begin at 7:30, but all students should be dropped off by 8am. The day will run from 8am-12noon. Parents will drop off and pick up their children directly to and from the classroom. Please join us for our Preview hour on Wednesday, September 7 from 8-9. Thursday and Friday have the same schedule.

Kindergarten-Grade 8 will have the schedule of 7:55-1pm both Thursday and Friday. We do not have staff available to watch students prior to 7:30 at this time, and ask that students be dropped off no earlier than 7:30. All students should be present by 7:55, and the day will begin at that time.

Afterschool will begin on Monday, September 12. Please be sure to fill out the paperwork sent home previously- it will be resent on Thursday as well.